Thoughtfully Designed Clothing | Break Down Walls

We design each of our collections with you in mind. With the increasing rise of fast fashion, we strive to provide you with an honest alternative. Fast fashion trends have detrimental effects on the environment and on various individuals in the supply chain. In addition, the rise of mass consumption and the desire to be "cool" has led to a vicious cycle of waste and anxiety. 

As a brand, we are striving to change this status quo. Each of our pieces are carefully sourced, manufactured, and produced for the conscious consumer who cares about where and how their clothes are made. We take pride in our attention to quality, fit, design, and production techniques. Break Down Walls ultimately exists to be more than just a clothing brand. It is a message of overcoming difficult obstacles, taking on challenges, and persevering against all odds. It is a reminder that a person's character is more important than the clothes he or she wears.